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I feel like I'm "subtweeting"

Just want to put this out there, I was asked to pick my three favorite ads and then describe what I thought the insight behind each of them is. One of the ones I chose was Adidas, "My Way". The insight that I "found" or that I saw, or whatever, was "Originality is not synonymous with being first". I wasn't really sure about it being right though, because my dad thought something different to me. So, I go on Adweek about 5 seconds ago, to check and see if I could learn more and come up with a better insight, and low and behold I read this: "As the case study below describes, the campaign was centered around the idea that originality doesn’t have to mean being first." (Adweek). Wow.

I did not read that first and was feeling iffy about my insight and that was the fricken idea thing for the actual campaign!!!

That always happens to me. I always think of something and then I get nervous and don't say it, and then someone else freaking says it or I read it or something! WOO!

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